Beautiful design option for newly constructed pools.

Platform which is 10-20 cm under the water, to be used as a “beach zone”.

Totally integrated in the pool, does not affect the pool area or exterior.

Model Hawai

It consists of a platform that is constructed 10-20 cm below the water level, which can be used as a “beach zone”. The roll with slats is located under this platform. The roll is totally invisible when the cover is open. The beach zone can be integrated with the stairs. Both the beach zone and the stairs are covered with the same tiling as the swimming pool. The Hawai model integrates aesthetically with the swimming pool.


The PVC wall of the pool cover can be decorated in the same style as the rest of the pool, using the tiles so that the walls that cover the pool cover overflow into the rest of the pool. The model also makes it possible to place stairs next to the beach.


A wide range of slats in different colors and materials is available for the cover to choose from. The slats are made of PVC or polycarbonate. The slats have a width of 71mm, giving them a large carrying capacity. The air chambers in the slats ensures excellent insulation of the swimming pool.