Completely integrated in the pool, does not affect the pool area.

Interesting option for pools yet to be constructed, or the renovation of existing pools.

Very elegant, thanks to the Disegna Nature wooden platforms.

Model Bruselas

Next to the swimming pool, a niche is constructed and the roll with slats is mounted inside. It’s important to ensure that there is sufficient movement in the water to be able to drain the dirt from the cover into the drain.


The niche covered with the synthetic wood is very elegant and aesthetically integrated, thanks to the finish with ecological synthetic wooden planks from the brand Disegna Nature. This special material requires no maintenance and is available in many colors.

The cover is made of PVC or polycarbonate slats. The slats are rolled up on a stainless steel tube located in the niche. The tube is attached to the side walls with two stainless steel supports. The model is equipped with an unique water level sensor that prevents the cover from being used if the water level is too high or too low and prevents so many problems!


A wide range of slats in different colors and materials is available for the cover to choose from. The slats are made of PVC or polycarbonate. The slats have a width of 71mm, giving them a large carrying capacity. The air chambers in the slats ensures excellent insulation of the swimming pool.