Recommended for existing pools.

Direct replacement for the manual roll-up cover.

The most economic model to cover your swimming pool.

Model Paris

The Paris model is the direct replacement of the manual roll-up blanket. These type of blankets have to be replaced often and are heavy and difficult to roll up and require at least 2 people for large swimming pools. Replacing it with an automatic roll-up cover of slats has many advantages. Winding and unwinding is automatic with the touch of a button, the swimming pool remains covered will only open when you want to use the pool. The main difference is that slats are made with air chambers that ensure a much better insulation of the swimming pool. If you want to heat up the pool, it will cost much less energy than with a manual roll-up blanket.


The start-up model is the Paris Mobile Model. The user must wind up the slats themselves. This model is primarily for covering small swimming pools and can’t be used for swimming pools larger than 4×8 m. A motor kit makes it possible to later convert the system into an automatic model.

Another variant is the Model Paris Movible. The roll can be moved backwards by hand 1 meter. The roll is guided on rails.


A wide range of slats in different colors and materials is available for the cover to choose from. The slats are made of PVC or polycarbonate. The slats have a width of 71mm, giving them a large carrying capacity. The air chambers in the slats ensures excellent insulation of the swimming pool.

The model can also be equipped with solar slats that can heat up the pool with 5-7 degrees. However, the last meter of slats are then PVC slats to protect the solar slats when rolled up against overheating.