Self-supporting stainless steel structure on the side of the pool that can support an impressive amount of weight, making it suitable as a bench.

Strong and attractive bench made from Disegna natural wood, an asset to any garden.

Most customizable option for existing swimming pools.

Model Milano

The Milano model is a bench that is placed at the edge of the swimming pool. The roll with slats and the motor are placed inside of the bench. The bench is made of synthetic wood and has a very nice finish and fits in perfectly with garden furniture. The wood of the bench is maintenance-free and you can choose from different colors of wood.

The bench has a self-supporting stainless steel structure. This allows the bench to be used to sit on, lie on or as a springboard. The high quality of the finish together with the strong structure makes this bench unique in its kind!


The model can be equipped with a LED lighting and a stainless steel rod to hold on to.

There are two types of motors to choose from: a mechanical or an electronically controlled motor. The last motor has home automation capabilities that can control other systems. This motor also makes it possible to install our unique automatic slat cleaning system.

There are also options for swimming pools with large rounding to move the couch backwards by providing it with extra unwinding rollers. If the bench blocks the access of the skimmer, a flap can be built in at the back.

The bench can be equipped with solar panels and together with batteries ensure that the system works autonomously. A 220V connection is therefore no longer necessary.


A wide range of slats in different colors and materials is available for the cover to choose from. The slats are made of PVC or polycarbonate. The slats have a width of 71mm, giving them a large carrying capacity. The air chambers in the slats ensures excellent insulation of the swimming pool.