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Playing children or pets can’t fall into the water when the cover is closed.


Heat up your pool by 5 – 7 degrees with our solar slats.


All the covers of Dekobo are produced under the highest quality standards.

Save Energy

Save up to 80% by the reduction of evaporation and 68% the use of chemicals

Easy Of Use

Open or close the cover with a press of a button or with our APP.


Dekobo gives 2 years of warranty on the motor and electronics and 5 years on the slats.


All the covers of Dekobo are produced under high quality standards. All the parts are made of stainless steel type 316L, which has the highest resistance against salt and chloride. The motors are made of high quality material with an electronic control to determine the “begin and end” position. The motors are very powerful (120Nm, 250 Nm or 500 Nm). The electronic device is suitable for the large voltage varriations in Spain so the adjustment of the slatted cover can be maintained.


The Dekobo slatted cover also gives safety. When it is closed, playing children and/or pets cannot fall in the water. The slats are strong enough to hold the weight of a child, but the cover has not been designed to be walked on.

For more safety and to ensure the cover can hold a bigger weight it is recommended to place stainless steel bars, 5 cm under the water level. The cover is not sensitive for wind. The slatts weight 5 Kg/m² and they stay on the water even by a strong wind.


The solar slats are transparent with a black background. The structure of the slats, with their four air chambers and black background absorb the heat of the sun and pass it directly into the water heating it up. As well as heating the water the air inside the slats acts as an insulator keeping the heat in the pool.

Dekobo uses polycarbonate for the solar and transparent slats. The polycarbonate is very resistant to the usual high temperatures of Spain. The polycarbonate slats to deform at 140ºC. Also, the polycarbonate is very resistant to impact and low temperatures.


We manufacture and produce our own slats, specific made for the Spanish weather. The slats are wider and thicker (71x15mm) and have therefore a better buoyancy, offering you more safety. The material used for the slats is Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) or Polycarbonate (PC); this last one is used for the solar, transparent and titanium slats. All slats have a protection against UV radiation.

PVC colours: Sand · White · Blue · Grey
PC: Solar · Transparent · Translucent · Titanium coloured

Save Energy

The evaporation of a pool amounts to the average of 6 liter water per m² per day. The slatted cover with air filled chambers saves up to 80% by the reduction of evaporation and the use of chemicals up to 68%. The dehumidifier has less work to do when you have an indoor swimming pool. Atmospheric humidity will be brought down more quickly, which has the long-term effect that your building will need less maintenance.

The slatted cover will keep the pool clean, so that you can save time in maintenance. The solar slats allow the sun to heat your pool free of cost, reducing the use of heat pump.