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When the cover is closed, children and animals can’t fall directly into the water depending on the shape of the swimming pool.


Our solar slats can heat up your swimming pool by 5-7 ºC.


All our covers are produced under the highest quality standards.

Save Energy

The cover with the air-filled slats can save from 30%-50% of energy.

Easy Of Use

Open or close the cover with a press of a button, with our remote or APP.


All our products have a warranty. We provide a standard 2-year warranty on the motor and electronics and a 5-year warranty on the slats.


With Dekobo you are assured of a cover of the highest quality. Our covers are produced under the highest quality standards. All the parts are made of stainless steel type 316L, which has the highest resistance against salt and chloride.

The motors are made of high quality material with an electronic control to determine the “begin and end” position. The motors are very powerful 120Nm, 250 Nm or 500 Nm. Our motors are of exceptional quality and can be installed in the water up to a great depth. The use of underwater motors avoids having to make a hole in the wall of the pool and the construction of a pit to install a conventional motor.

The electronic device is suitable for the large voltage varriations in Spain so the adjustment of the slatted cover can be maintained.


A swimming pool cover offers more safety. When the cover is closed, children and animals can’t fall directly into the water depending on the type of cover. The slats are strong enough to hold the weight of a child However, the cover is not designed to walk on.

For more safety and to ensure the cover can carry a greater weight, it’s recommended to place stainless steel bars 5 cm under the water level.

With new swimming pools it is recommended to include an edge to catch in the design.

The covers are not sensitive to wind. The slats weigh 5 kg/m² and remain on the water even in strong winds. Optionally, the cover can be connected to a wind sensor, which automatically rolls up the cover in the event of very strong wind.


Our solar slats are designed for the warm Spanish climate. The solar slats are transparent with a black layer on the bottom. This black layer absorbs the solar energy and releases it to heat up the water of the swimming pool. At the same time, the air chambers in the slat ensure insulation and contain the heat at night. This will heat up your pool for free by 5-7 ºC.

The solar slats from Dekobo are not just slats. The slats are made of polycarbonate. This is a material that only starts to deform at 140ºC, while PVC already starts to deform at 78ºC. In addition, polycarbonate is impact-resistant and resistant to low temperatures. This makes the solar slats of exclusive quality and therefore an ideal cover for every swimming pool in every climate. We also have transparent polycarbonate slats. This is an interesting alternative, especially for indoor swimming pools.

The black bottom layer of the solar slats also prevents algae formation in the swimming pool. The solar slats do not allow sunlight to pass through to the water. This also applies to PVC slats.
Because less sunlight enters the pool, the chlorine can’t evaporate and therefore reduces the use of chemicals up to 68%!


After years of innovation, we have developed its own unique design. The slats are wider and thicker (71x15mm) and therefore have a greater floating capacity, ensuring greater safety.

The end caps are equipped with clips that ensure that the slats can’t shift from each other and the cover stays in place. This is especially important for slats that have a large length. During unwinding and winding up of the slats, a large force can arise on the end caps. The clips with the bumpers guarantee trouble-free operation of the cover.

The clips are mounted after the slats are installed on the water. It’s now very easy to replace one or more slats by removing the clips from the slat in question.

The slats are made of PVC or polycarbonate (PC). Polycarbonate is used for both the solar and the transparent and titanium slats. Both materials are UV resistant. Because we manufacture the slats ourselves, we can guarantee the highest quality.

PVC colours: Sand · White · Blue · Grey
PC: Solar · Transparent · Translucent · Titanium coloured

Save Energy

Our solar slats offer an additional advantage, they are energy efficient. The average evaporation of a swimming pool is 6 liters per m² per day. The cover with the air-filled chambers save energy of up to 50%! This is because there is less evaporation and the consumption of chemicals reduces by 68%. For a swimming pool of 4 x 8 m, this means a saving of 56,000 liters of water per year. On an annual basis this is around one hundred thousand liters. Heating up a swimming pool without a cover is very irresponsible: you are heating with the doors wide open!

A pool cover is an absolute necessity for an indoor swimming pool. Especially when you have an indoor swimming pool you can benefit from the slats because the dehumidifier has to do less work. Also
the humidity drops and that means less maintenance on the building.

The solar slats heat up your swimming pool for free and considerably reduce the consumption of a possible heat pump. The cover saves you money and time. You don’t have to clean as often, because your swimming pool will stay a lot cleaner.